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First Impressions

Make sure the property has great kerb appeal. Keep the entrance clean and tidy and if your budget allows, it may be worth repainting the front door.

Emphasise On Space

If you are selling a property make sure it is clutter free. Close cupboard doors and put away personal effects

Odours Matter

Open windows and doors for a short while before viewings, and make use some scented candles.

Maximise Light

Open curtains, blinds and adjoining doors to give a bright and airy feel. Lighting gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness

Minimise buyer worries

No need to spend a fortune, but try to carry out minor repairs to walls, floors and features


Get your EPC, Solicitor and Fixture and Fittings form ready so that you save time when we get the right offer for you and you are ready to sell!


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