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Venice Properties are committed to provide Landlord’s expertise lettings advice. We have put together some tips to help Let your property fast. Click Here to find out more

Selecting the right agent

Make sure you chose an agent who is a member of a professional body and has the Safe Agent sign. Venice Properties are members of NALS, Safe Agent and Property Ombudsman Services.

Deciding Tenancy Length

A fixed period of 6, 12 or 18 months are the most common. Longer tenancies may provide greater financial security as it reduces the risk of having void periods when a tenant moves out. Adding a break-clause can also provide you a safety-net in certain scenarios.


Completing an inventory prior to a tenant moving in is considered as an essential to any rental. An inventory details the condition of the property and its contents. This is vital at the end of the tenancy to settle any deposit deductions.

First Impressions

Make sure the property has great kerb appeal. The entrance to the building should be clean and tidy.

Fresh Paint and flooring

If your budget allows, it may be worth repainting your property, replacing carpets or flooring as that would secure a higher quality tenant for a longer period.


We make sure you adhere to all the latest legislative requirements. This includes obtaining a EPC, Gas Safety Certificate, installing a carbon monoxide detector and ensuring all the smoke alarms are in full working order.


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